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The Swiss Import Promotion Programme (SIPPO) is a well-established mandate of the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) with the overall vision of sustainable and inclusive economic growth and integration of SIPPO partner countries into world trade, through its mission of supporting Business Support Organizations (so called BSOs - which includes public or private associations, chambers of commerce, export promotion agencies, among others) to increase their export promotion capacity and service provision to export-ready companies. As of 2017, SIPPO is implemented by Swisscontact, in partnership with BHP Brugger and Partners and Helvetas Swiss Inter cooperation.

Through SIPPO’s network of international and national experts, the programme aims at supporting BSOs to increase their export promotion capacity and service provision to export-ready companies. The programme is a powerful tool in promoting sustainable trade in 11 countries and 6 sectors: Fish& Seafood, Processed Foods, Natural Ingredients, Technical Wood, Value-added Textiles and Sustainable Tourism.

SIPPO supports BSOs through tailor-made capacity building in two areas: 
1) Improving BSO Market entry activities 
through capacity building in market intelligence, trade fair participation, selling missions, buyer missions and study tours, and

2) Institutional Strengthening of Business Support Organizations (BSOs) 
through Strategic planning and positioning, Project Cycle Management and Knowledge sharing and learning.

BSOs are capacitated at their own speed and ownership is placed entirely in the hands of the service provider: BSOs who want to explore and improve access to new markets and opportunities for their export-ready companies to undertake these “last mile services” activities. 

SIPPO thereby enhances BSO member companies’ performances in export and thus contributes to increased income and more and better jobs.

SIPPO has been operating in Morocco since April 2017 in order to support the BSOs operating in the following three sectors with large export potential:

• Value Added Fish and Seafood
• Processed fruits and vegetables
• Value-added textile products

The opening of Morocco to the world market, its proximity to large markets and the free trade agreements signed, providing Morocco’s exporters to a potential of 1 billion customers.

The reputation of Moroccan products abroad, the know-how of its export companies, and their ability to adapt their products and services to the demand of importers and the evolutions of the different markets, set up Moroccan companies as credible and reliable partners for international trade.

SIPPO Code of Conduct


SIPPO works with partners that are committed to the sustainable trade of goods and services, i.e. socially responsible and environmentally friendly, in accordance with our Code of Conduct.

SIPPO supports BSOs in numerous areas:


Learn to define your role in export promotion within your sector and country through a strategic and focused approach. 


Learn how to access, share and update knowledge and information to build your activities on the existing knowledge and experience. Profit from our large network of contacts. We facilitate networking events and invite to conferences and workshops.


We help you assess, and provide tools for, your project and performance management.      


Learn which markets to target and how to connect your companies with suppliers, through the organization of trade fair participations, selling and buyer missions, study tours, and combining them with on-site visits.


The SIPPO team in Morocco, dedicated to its mission, is fully at hand to identify and implement jointly with business support organizations  export promoting activities and solutions.

Export promotion is our business. Consulting and international support for companies is our expertise.

Our experience in export supporting activities, knowledge of the market situation and the challenges facing the targeted sectors in the country are the assets of a successful collaboration with our team.

Karim El Haoud

Export Promotion Manager

Larbi Bourabaa

SIPPO representative in Morocco


In Morocco, value-added fish and seafood, processed fruit and vegetables, and value-added textiles are the three sectors in which SIPPO, in collaboration with its local partners, will dedicate its export promotion services:


Fish & Seafood

A very important and growing sector (12% of total export products) with good potential for increased diversification of its products and markets.
Moroccan fisheries resources are abundant, and the quality of Moroccan fish is appreciated all over the world. This provides a very positive image of Moroccan products for export, which Moroccan BSOs and exporting companies can capitalize on.

Processed fruit and vegetables

Agribusiness continues to be a strategic sector in Morocco because of its primary economic, social and environmental role. The implementation of the Green Morocco Plan and the increase in agricultural production are increasingly leading to diversification of processed products. The excellent organoleptic quality (taste, color,) of the products of the sector is a major asset to be capitalized on in the strategies for diversification of export outlets.

Value Added Textiles

The geographical proximity of Europe, supply capacity, the responsiveness recognized to satisfy the demand, the flexibility and the companies high-level know-how constitute major advantages of the Moroccan textile industry.
The diversification of export markets for the fast fashion ecosystem constitutes a major objective for SIPPO for this sector, which it is supporting partner BSOs in attaining.


SIPPO is currently identifying future partner BSOs to cooperate with in the relevant export sectors. We foster sophisticated services for export-ready companies.

Together with the International Trade Center ITC (, export promotion boards and sector associations are being assessed in 2017 to identify potential for improvements in their export promotion services. This involves interviews related to BSOs’ export promotion services, organizational structures, quality management and performance management, as well as export and sector strategies.

In the upcoming months, our partner BSOs will be published here.

Association Marocaine des Industries du textile et de l’habillement (AMITH)

The Moroccan Association of Textile and Clothing Industries, AMITH, has for more than fifty years represented the general interests of the sector, plays a leading role in the promotion and development of the textile and clothing industry.  It initiates projects, and promotes a national and global partnership with public authorities, in line with international suppliers and customers.

 AMITH has adopted a social responsibility program called "Citizen Fiber". This label distinguishes companies that comply with Moroccan regulations and working conditions in terms of human resources.

Fédération Nationale des Industries de transformation et de valorisation des pro-duits de la pêche (FENIP)

National Federation of Seafood Processing and Valorization  Industries, FENIP, is a federation that gathers seven branches of the fishing industry, six of which are represented in professional organizations that belong to it.
The main aim of the federation is to represent and defend the interests of its members, to study the measures to be taken, the industries involved in the processing of fishery products and to improve the conditions for the production, distribution and sale of products , as well as to provide its members with any assistance likely to promote and develop their activities and in particular exporting field.

Association Marocaine Des Exportateurs (ASMEX)

ASMEX :Porte parole de l’exportateur marocain

Association Marocaine des Exportateurs est le premier réseau d’exportateurs au Maroc. Elle regroupe les entreprises, les GIE, les coopératives, les associations, les fédérations sectorielles, nationales, et régionales du Maroc.


Missions :

  • Représenter et défendre les intérêts des exportateurs auprès des instances publics et privées nationales et internationales ;
  • Identifier, recenser, promouvoir l’offre exportable à l’international ;
  • Accompagner l’entreprise et l’offre exportable pour une meilleure compétitivité


In collaboration with its partners, SIPPO organizes promotional activities in the framework of international events.

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