Capacity Building Workshops for FENIP and ASMEX on the Management of Trade Promotion Activities in the New Era of Covid-19

July 24th, 2020

As part of the capacity building of BSOs in their trade promotion activities, SIPPO Maroc organized two online training workshops on 20 and 22 July 2020. A third session is planned during the second week of September and another workshop on resource sustainability will be planned over the next few months. The FENIP and ASMEX teams and dozens of their members participated in these training sessions led by an expert in international trade, Ms. Irene Haddad.

The first session aimed at how to achieve a successful participation in a trade fair, addressed the following aspects:

  • The role of the BSO towards their members
  • The organization of the team
  • The selection of and the communication with the companies during the whole process
  • The selection of a trade fair and other promotional activities (buyers and sellers missions, etc.)

 The second session was delivered in the form of two modules – one on B2B matchmaking and the other on the promotion to connect with importers. They addressed:

  • How to choose the ideal matchmaking activity depending of the fair?
  • The organization of a B2B matchmaking
  • How to find importers?
  • The management of a database
  • The organization and execution of a matchmaking B2B
  • The importance of contact sheets in the monitoring and evaluation of activities

 At the end, the expert addressed a subject linked to the Covid-19 pandemic and the adaptation to this new era through a digital approach to connect with importers: Participation in virtual fairs, B2B twinning online, and other events.